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quote Jun 16, 2021
Suppose I was an evil person and wanted to eliminate the curiosity of children. Give the kid a diet of Google, and pretty soon the child learns that every question he has is answered instantly. The coolest thing about being human is to learn, but you don’t learn things by looking it up; you learn by figuring it out.

This was a really good article how an astronomer, turned IT systems manager, tracked down a $0.75 accounting error to a German hacker selling US cold war secrets to the Russians and how he became famous in the IT industry and when he questioned the soundness of the internet, he was cast out and blacklisted.

How a Berkeley Eccentric Beat the Russians—and Then Made Useless, Wondrous Objects
Clifford Stoll is currently the sole proprietor and sole employee of Acme Klein Bottles, a business he runs out of his home on Colby Street in North Oakland. One of the quirky company’s many mottoes is, “Where yesterday’s future is here today.”


Daniel Doubet

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