QOS Woes

router Oct 6, 2021

A long time ago when I purchased my Netgear Router (R7500v2), I initially enabled the QOS - which for you non-tech people means you can download more RAM on non-volatile storage mediums like iPad's or number 2 pencils (Quality of Service) - and hard coded the upload and download speed I had at the time... which was 180 Mbps and 5.9 Mbps download and upload speeds respectively.

Flash forward 4 years... my internet speed is suppose to be ~300/10. And I am still getting the old speeds... how is this possible?

After buying countless new items like the Arris SB8200 and CAT8 ethernet cords without any changes to the internet speed at all, I can't help but feel stumped. Then, out of the blue today, I'm flipping through my router settings as I began to IP reserve all my connected devices so I can use client management in my Pi-Hole docker container and realized.. could my router actually be the cause?

I quickly switch off QoS... I go to hit apply... button is greyed out... wt-actual-f.

Netgear Quality of Service menu page

I obviously want to open up a support ticket with Netgear, but who has time for that? How about I press F12 in Chromium to bring up dev tools, select the button that is greyed out, and change the CSS code from "disable" to "enable" and viola! I can hit apply now.

LIKE MAGIC, my internet speeds went from 180/5.9Mbps to ~320/12Mbps.

Brand spanking new SpeedTest.net by OOKLA speed test image


Sometimes I really, really hate myself.


Daniel Doubet

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