Hello! My name is Daniel Doubet and before you say anything, the pleasure is all mine!

I am a Business Analyst and Developer currently residing in the Twin Cities, USA. I like to think of myself as not someone who has a lot of free time, but rather as passionately curious and actively refusing to stop learning. This site was created to expand my knowledge of Node.js and present an alternative to the ever so generic WordPress + PHP blog-o-sphere.

Random quote:

You stop explaining yourself when you realize people only understand from their level of perception. -Jim Carrey

Welcome to my site. Please take a look around or continue to live your life. Here is my dog waving hello!

The ultimate purpose of this site is to post a lot: about random tidbits, guides, thoughts, poetry, music and/or anything else that is always sloshing around upstairs.

Currently doing...

The biggest projects I am working on is really just one: Folding.

Statistics for DOUBET's folding account
Statistics for DOUBET's folding account
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